Zombie ants?

Posted in Notes on August 18th, 2010 by David – View Comments

Interesting post on Slashdot today about zombie ants and the killer fungus that controls them. Well, sort of interesting. It’s nothing special by Slashdot standards, but it captured my interest because of the realization that zombies don’t have to be dead. Like these ants. They’re very much alive, but the label “zombie ants” seems to fit pretty well. Why? The implication is that the ants have lost their own self-control, so they might as well be mindless, empty shells. They’ve been subverted by an external entity (the fungus) which uses their bodies to accomplish its own ends.

Which raises the very interesting question, what if you could control an actual zombie horde the way this fungus controls the ants? You can bet that in the event of an apocalypse, someone’s going to try…