Zombies and the college crowd

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The University of Baltimore is offering a class on zombies. But not serious zombie science; it’s just about zombies as a device in popular media. Still, somebody has to handle the primary source analysis.

Still alive!

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I’m doing science and… okay, okay, no songs. Despite the fact that I haven’t posted anything in a while, the zombie blog is not dead.  (Not undead either… well maybe)

I might as well take the opportunity to say that I’m interested in hooking contributors. I’ve always envisioned this as more than a personal blog. So if you consider yourself a zombie expert (or just want to share something cool about zombie dynamics), leave a comment and we’ll talk about hooking you up with an account.

Newsweek Zombies

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This was too good to let pass:

Zombie headline on Newsweek

It’s all over the internet now, but for reference, going to Newsweek and typing ↑↑↓↓←→←→ba↵ (that last arrow means Enter) gets you the zombie edition of Newsweek. Very cool.

Good thing it’s not real, though, I haven’t had time to post anything useful yet!

The paper that started it all

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Last year, a team of researchers in Ottawa published a paper about fighting off a zombie apocalypse. The paper appeared in a legitimate scientific journal, Infectious Disease Modelling Research Progress. It showed that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, if we don’t terminate the zombies with extreme prejudice, they win. (well duh) At the end, the authors justified their project by claiming that the model could be applied to political allegiances or diseases with infection latency.

But what about applying it to zombies?

See, this is where I have a problem. Nobody seems to care about zombie research for its own sake. To be fair, this might be fine up in Canada, but the rest of us have people living in our countries. That’s a big incentive to be prepared in the face of an imminent zombie apocalypse.

Hence this site. zombiedynamics.com is going to be the definitive hub of large scale zombie control research. Here we study zombification not because of what it can do for politicians or sociologists or epidemiologists, but because of what it can do for ordinary people who don’t live in Canada (okay, sorry, enough with the Canada jokes) and just want to stay alive. If you don’t think staying alive is worthwhile, well, you might as well be a zombie already. And you know what we do to zombies….